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It is an amazing time: We have established a new home, in a certain sense our first, on the edge of the Los Angeles River.  We are have been nomads for so long-- winemakers working within others' walls; Scythians on trackless steppes, with our world on backs. Now, we have our own abode-- but not in the country, not in the midst of vines. In a corrugated steel cathedral, in the historic grape-growing and winemaking district of a great city. A return, and an amazing new beginning. A rebirth in the city.

Come visit us; see what we do. The tasting room will be open in the Spring, once the permits come through. But you may reach out to us and schedule a tour; get here at the beginning. We will make our space a special home for our friends and supporters. Tastings will all be by appointment; many special activities will be offered: lectures, symposia, guest chefs hosting small dinners. To gain entrance to these events, you must become a member of the winery. You have come to the right place.

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[I am steadfastly keeping this somewhat out-of-date description on the site. Preserving traces of our exuberant innocence.]

As often as possible, we host you. We pour wines. Rarely ours alone. How can we welcome you without the presence of our friends?

Some tastings are dinners. Some tastings are actually dance parties. Read carefully.

fragments of the LIbrary of Babel

We have a small number of bottles scattered over a large number of wines sitting idle and unheralded at our shipper's warehouse. 41 different wines; 2 or 3 bottles of most, a couple cases of a few. They are stranded, left over from a hundred other offerings. You may rescue them here. To reward you for your magnanimity, we have slashed the prices radically on some, modestly on others, but they are all reduced. Please help us find them homes!

Treasures for the tasting 4 Library wines, chosen to taste together via Zoom - the scholium project

Treasures for the tasting
4 Library wines, chosen to taste together via Zoom

$140.00 each
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2013 cena farina vineyards - the scholium project

2013 cena
farina vineyards

$40.00 each
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2014 polupous antle vineyard - the scholium project

2014 polupous
antle vineyard

$40.00 each
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2013 the sylphs guman vineyards - the scholium project

2013 the sylphs
guman vineyards

$40.00 each
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2015 Blowout Sparking Wine Sparkling White Wine - the scholium project

2015 Blowout Sparking Wine
Sparkling White Wine

$30.00 each
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2016 la severita di bruto farina vineyards - the scholium project

2016 la severita di bruto
farina vineyards

$28.00 each
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La Géante an esoteric multi-vintage white blend - the scholium project

La Géante
an esoteric multi-vintage white blend

$28.00 each
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2017 1MN bechtold ranch - the scholium project

2017 1MN
bechtold ranch

$30.00 each
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2 LARWCO wines for Sharon  - the scholium project

2 LARWCO wines for Sharon

$120.00 each
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brenna selection  - the scholium project

brenna selection

$180.00 each
Sold Out

The Wines of the Los Angeles River Wine Company

I am happy to say that we are sold out of these wines.

We will make much more this year, now that we know what we are doing. There are also a few bottles of Lone Wolf available, at $100 each. Please email me if you would like one.

We began an Odyssey years ago, to make wines in Los Angeles from the forgotten and neglected vineyards of Southern California.
It does not seem possible-- but we have succeeded. We made wine in 2019, from remarkable vineyards, each more exciting than anything we had expected. We made the wine by hand, without even a pump, but with the help of dear friends, day after day.
The wines are now ready. Everything matures much faster down here-- in the arid heat, in a winery bathed in sun. We are in Los Angeles, not Burgundy, and every moment of the wines' lives reflect this.

We made such a small amount of wine that we could offer only 75 packages of 8 bottles. As I write this, we have only 22 left. The two wines in the smallest amounts are Lone Wolf, from the abandoned vineyard; and Riverside Red, the only blend, and perhaps the least interesting of the wines.

Please note that you may pick the wines up at the winery in Los Angeles, or I will deliver your order by hand in Southern California-- contactless delivery, of course. It is still wonderful to meet your customers, see their faces.

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olive oils

For years, we have made a few gallons of superb and super-fresh olive oil from olives planted and dry-farmed by the Tenbrinks around their winery in Suisun Valley. There is something really special about the very dry growing conditions, the careful farming, and the 20  varieties of olives planted by the Tenbrinks.
We have decided to focus on freshness in our oil-- on something analogous to the acidity and florality in Riesling. So we harvest early and press the olives right away. The result is an oil  deeply and brightly green in color. There is no bitterness or unripeness. It is truly not like any other oil.