the scholium project Wine Club

Scholium Obligants

We will ship you (about) 6 bottles of wine, 4 times per year, for a total of 20 to 24 bottles (depending on the value of the wine). The foundation of your shipments will be the releases of the given year, and, depending on how many wines we release, may also include special trophies from the Library. 
We will of course allow you to cease shipments at any time. 
You will get access to the most precious wines, and you will get a substantial discount on everything in the club. 

The name "Obligant" comes from Biology: a plant, for instance, is said to be DROUGHT OBLIGATE when it is obliged to go through drought circumstances in order to flower or seed. The word is a portmanteau word-- I seem to have conflated tolerant and obligate. The members of this club are similarly dependent upon receiving and consuming Scholium wine.

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$1000 per year; $250 per individual shipment. We will also bill you $25 for ground shipping for each shipment; cold chain in the summer, and overnight (always) in California.

We will bill you $250 in advance of each quarterly shipment, for a total of $1000 per year. You will not be charged anything right now- but you are now a member of the Obligants. 
In addition to your club shipments, you may order any individual bottles of any wine as long as they are available, and we will sell them to you at a 15% discount.

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