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The Los Angeles River Company

We have a new home. In 6600 square foot corrugated steel cathedral that dates to 1912, on the edge of the Los Angeles River. The space is kind of other-worldly: towering ceilings, skylights and windows on three sides, a mysterious two-level platform that gets you into the sky, even while you are inside. We will make all of our wine here, and we will receive you as guests for tastings. We have set our sights way beyond a tasting room. We will have a full kitchen for special dinners and parties. We will host guest chefs and winemakers, art openings, photo shoots, seminars, and conferences, symposia.

The winery will be constituted as a society, with special privileges accorded to members of the society. The members will have priority access to tastings, openings and other such events. Some activities will be open only to members: barrel tastings, tutored tastings and, most of all, access to renting the space for your own events.
You may join the Society here and now.
The cost is $1000 per year, and comes with an open door and 2 cases of wine, delivered wherever you want.

If you are already an Obligant, you will be grandfathered in and I will explain everything to you!

The wines will be bottled and ship in the Spring of 2020— the first wines that we will make here.

Join This Club

$1000 per year; billed annually

Exclusive access to all special events: barrel tastings, lectures, guest chef dinners, release parties, symposia. Also exclusive access to renting the facility.

Join This Club