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It is an amazing time: we have somehow survived a year in the plague, made wine in a parking lot, and now have bottled all of our 2020 wines. You cannot visit us yet, but you may purchase and taste the wines.

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[[I wrote this below at some point in the lockdown. It makes me happy to see that I wanted to preserve the habit of holding tastings.]]
[I am steadfastly keeping this somewhat out-of-date description on the site. Preserving traces of our exuberant innocence.]

As often as possible, we host you. We pour wines. Rarely ours alone. How can we welcome you without the presence of our friends?

Some tastings are dinners. Some tastings are actually dance parties. Read carefully.

The 2021 Wines of the Los Angeles River Wine Company

The Lost Wines of the Scholium Project

These the wines that we made in Napa in 2018 and 2019 while we were consumed with founding the Los Angeles River Wine Company. I did not give the wines the attention that they deserved in 2018 and 2019, and during the pandemic year of 2020, I alternated between forgetting about them and being afraid of them.

I finally tasted the wines in April of 2021 and they are absolutely brilliant, the best two vintages of wine we have ever made. How strange and unexpected.

Please note that there is a 20% discount on all orders of 12 bottles or more-- mix and match or whole cases.

The 2020 Wines of the Los Angeles River Wine Company

It is so exciting to offer these wines. Our second vintage. A plague vintage. With 115 degree days in the vineyard, on the crushpad, enveloping the fermentations. We worked with such joy and innocence, almost without equipment, but with so much loving collaboration from a community of friends.

When it was not clear that we could complete harvest, I turned to our legion of supporters and asked them to take a chance and purchase and pay for wine, before some of it had even been harvested.  They flocked to us and bought enough wine to allow us to complete everything, and now the fruit is all harvested, the wine has all fermented, and the wines are ready to bottle.

We made 12 wines this year. We are releasing one bottle of each wine to these supporters. One hundred bottles for one hundred allies. We have only enough of all twelve wines to offer twelve more 12-bottle packages. First come.

We are now offering the remaining bottles, one by one.

olive oils

For years, we have made a few gallons of superb and super-fresh olive oil from olives planted and dry-farmed by the Tenbrinks around their winery in Suisun Valley. There is something really special about the very dry growing conditions, the careful farming, and the 7 varieties of olives planted by the Tenbrinks.

We have decided to focus on freshness in our oil-- on something analogous to the acidity and florality in Riesling. So we harvest early and press the olives right away. The result is an oil  deeply and brightly green in color. There is no bitterness or unripeness. It is truly not like any other oil.

I just brought the last 10 gallons down to Los Angeles from the Tenbrinks. We have a few more bottles to offer.

fragments of the LIbrary of Babel

It is the beginning of December. I have brought two shipments of uncatalogued Library wines from Napa to the winery in LA. We have just finished inventorying them and entering them in our store. Here they are for you. Many of them exist in quantities of one; don't be discouraged if you see sold out bottles.
And we have brought our shipping in house, for more control and expedition. The first shipments will go out at the end of the day on Friday December 4; the weekend orders will go out on Monday December 7; and we will stay current after that.

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