The New York Lecture: Natural Wine and The Question of Time

At the loft: June 22, 7 PM

At the loft: June 22, 7 PM

The New York Lecture: Natural Wine and The Question of Time At the loft: June 22, 7 PM - the scholium project
$50.00 each
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The moments in this series are becoming more and more focused and more and more exciting.

They are barely lectures-- barely seminars. They all shape themselves differently. The Minneapolis edition was a very comfortable discussion, like a big dinner table. To which really good wines were brought and poured for you.

In New York, I want the evening to focus on the relations of Natural Wine to time. To some degree, I want it to be investigate the opposition between persistence and immediacy, development and bursting on the scene . . . . In order to investigate this question, we will take in two kinds of wines: several that present themselves as Natural, and several that represent the height of Classical Excellence-- whether "natural" or not. 

The relatively high cost of the evening is to allow us to provide natural wines of the highest quality and classical wines of the most assured pedigree. We will also limit the session to 20 participants.

These are the wines: 

* caraccioli cellars brut rosé 2007
* st reginald the marigny oregon pinot gris 2016
* gut oggau timotheus neusiedlersee weiss 2015
* testalonga el bandito (nothing to see here) cortez swartland chenin 2015
* escoda sanahuja: els bassots conca de barbera chenin 2013
* scholium project michael mara vineyard michael faraday chardonnay 2012
* philippe bornard arbois pupillin trousseau ‘le ginglet’ 2015
* chateau la lagune haut-medoc 1982
* vieux chateau certan pomerol 1989
* franco fiorina barolo 1964
* calsac l’échappée belle champagne NV

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