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2015 La Severita di Bruto

Farina Vineyards White Wine

Farina Vineyards White Wine

2015 La Severita di Bruto Farina Vineyards White Wine - scholium project
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100% Sauvignon Blanc from a rocky hillside on Sonoma Mountain; 100% barrel-fermented and aged in neutral wood and stainless; made from juice only.

This wine is amazing. It was still fermenting and rather sweet and unpalatable in January 2017 when we started planning the Spring 2017 bottling. We did not include it. Thus we did not plan to offer it to you, certainly not in the Spring offer. 

And then, in the lead up to bottling, Alex said: even if we are not going to bottle it, maybe we should filter it? We will have the filter set up anyway, and we want to do whatever we can to prevent malo . . . . Even at this late stage. So we tasted the wine. Around April 13. And it was dry. And stunning. I think our best LSB yet. So powerful, complex-- and utterly fresh, in spite of 20 months in barrel. A wonder.