2017 la severita di bruto

farina vineyards

farina vineyards

2017 la severita di bruto farina vineyards - the scholium project
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100% Sauvignon Blanc from the rocky Farina vineyard on Sonoma Mountain.

A beautiful vintage at Farina-- perfect, constant ripening, without a single heat spike. We brought the fruit in early but fully ripe, deeply fragrant and high in acid.

The wine has the capacity to be immediately stunning and long-lived in every single vintage. This vintage seems particularly intense and piercing, with great potential for aging.

We have continued our experiment of 2016 and have brought a degree of skin-maceration to the making of this wine. We now foot-tread the fruit on harvest day and let it macerate in the cool for 24 hours before fermentation starts, and then press it quickly and gently. No sensible tannin passed into the juice; in fact, even we cannot trace the effect of the skins. The wine is deep and long, with a kind of smoky minerality. An impressive delight.

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  • Appellation california