I am a founder

crowdfunding support for the new scholium winery in los angeles

crowdfunding support for the new scholium winery in los angeles

I am a founder crowdfunding support for the new scholium winery in los angeles - scholium project
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We are going to create a winery in a 97 year-old corrugated steel building on the banks of the Los Angeles River. For the first time— the Scholium Project will  have a home of its own!
Here, we will make wine, in the heart of a city, and host lectures, tastings, conferences, cook outs— perhaps dance parties.

The winery building is large and nearly on the edge of the river; on the same lot, there is another smaller building, closer to the street. You can see them both here.
We will use this smaller building for a tasting room, a place to gather and drink.
The buildings are magical in a very rough way. But even more magical: this unpolished, industrial location was originally a vineyard!
This whole section of Los Angeles, adjacent to the river, was planted to grapes from the 1830s to the early 1900s. The first buildings were erected on this property only in 1899.

There is something so wonderful and so perfectly appropriate about returning the land to winemaking— and especially offering the possibiity of visiting a winery without ever leaving the city. 

This is a tremendous undertaking; there is no way that we could accomplish it on our own. That is why we are turning to you. 

We are seeking 100 dear friends and allies to help us initiate this project. Your participation at this stage will allow us to secure the property and begin the tremendous task of reconstructing the old buildings and outfitting a working winery. We seek 100 pledges of $2000 each. You may, of course, gift a pledge on behalf of a friend or beloved.

In return for your support, we will
  • recognize you in perpetuity as founders of the winery, and so will welcome you and your guests forever without charge at the winery and in the tasting room; and will guarantee you places at all special events;
  • we will also bottle exclusively for you 2 bottles each of 3 wines (details on them below), each one with a special label commermorating a founder’s bottling;
and, of course, 
  • we will host you at an amazing party to celebrate the opening of the tasting room in late Summer 2018. 

There is something so special about this. It will not be repeated or expanded. We will limit participation to 100 founders. Your ranks will never swell.

Should you have questions, I am here to answer them. Email me and I will answer them or we can set up a call. This is not an investment— it is your opportunity to place yourself in the origin of something great and remarkable, and to sew yourself into its future unfolding. We are tremulous and passionately excited at once.

The three Founders' Wines:
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  • 2
  • 3