2013 FTP

kirschenmann ranch

kirschenmann ranch

2013 FTP kirschenmann ranch - the scholium project
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[still really good! don't be afraid of aging these wines-- tasted 4/14/18]
This is our second wine from the vineyard of our dear friend and teacher, Tegan Passalaqua. The vineyard is located on the beautiful banks of the Mokelumne river as it flows through the sandstone soils of eastern Lodi. Most of the vineyard is planted to Zinfandel, more than a hundred years old (we made a little bit of wine from these vines). The rest of the vineyard is planted now to white grapes. This wine comes from 35 year old Pinot Gris.

As in 2012, we fermented the wine with 15% whole clusters submerged in the juice; the result is copper in color but not tannic in feel. The wine is delicate and subtle, with the surprising high acidity of older vines on good soil in Lodi. (The acronymic name of the wine descends from a hallowed tradition of giving a wine the grower’s initials as a designation in the winery; the prefix "F" indcates the intensity of respect and affection.)

Technical Information
  • Production 67 cases