2012 babylon

tenbrink vineyards

tenbrink vineyards

2012 babylon tenbrink vineyards - the scholium project
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100% Petite Sirah, fermented whole cluster in wooden puncheons with foot treading and daily punchdowns for about one month; aged in neutral barrels without topping or SO2 for 35 months.

A wine of great precision and aromatic finesse. One might expect the Grendel in this collection, but the nature of the vineyard is to produce wines of subtlety and complexity more than brute force. The soil trumps the grape variety. The wine has none of the characteristics of most juicy, chocolatey Petite Sirahs, and, instead, is much closer to the wines of Etna or those made from Nebbiolo in Piemonte. Since 2008, this wine would have been called “Bricco Babelico;” we  have decided at length that we were gratuitously multiplying distinctions by making both Babylon and Bricco from this remarkable vineyard. Beginning with this vintage, we will return to what we did before 2008, and make only one single vineyard wine from this vineyard. That wine will be the more polished, sophisticated, less extreme wine, and we will call it, as we did before 2008, “Babylon.”

Technical Information
  • Appellation suisun valley