2010 la severita di bruto

farina vineyards

farina vineyards

2010 la severita di bruto farina vineyards - the scholium project
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LSB is in some sense our most serious wine, and, if one asks solely about how we make it-- our most conventional. The Farina vineyard is a beautiful hillside vineyard on the east-facing slope of Sonoma Moutain. The LSB comes from the highest (at about 1,000 feet) and most well-drained section of the vineyard; it is one of our very rockiest sites.
In 2010, we harvested about half as much fruit as usual. We whole cluster
pressed all of it, gently; fermented and aged it in two 70-gallon stainless steel barrels.  We use SO2 liberally, but not wildly, to suppress malo-lactic fermentation and
preserve freshness. We bottle the wine after a year; while it is still
piercing and direct , not oxidized at all nor affected by
post-fermentation microbes.

Yet the wine is extreme, and in some ways,
unrecognizable-- at least as California Sauvignon Blanc.
It is limpid in the clarity of its flavors; direct, no wires crossing,
no contradictory elements. It resembles Gruner more than it does
Sancerre; but Sancerre more than it does most Napa whites. The vineyard
is the source of all of this: fruit ripens richly without ever becoming tired or
flabby. Acidity is remarkable-- LSB is almost always our highest acid
wine. The wine is all straight lines and forward motion. A
vector of speed guided by acidity.

An intense white wine of piercing Acidity and merciless Attack. All of its power is enmeshed in robes of voluptuousness and seduction.

Technical Information
  • Appellation sonoma mountain