2018 The Prince in his Caves in 3 liter bottle

2018 The Prince in his Caves in 3 liter bottle  - LOS ANGELES RIVER WINE COMPANY
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This is one of the best-- and last!-- vintages of the Prince. We lost the Farina vineyard after the 2019 vintage, during the pandemic, and have nearly given up hope of recovering it.

100% skin-fermented Sauvignon Blanc from a hilliside in Sonoma.

This wine was made in the traditional way for us: harvested with perfect ripeness and golden berries, foot-treaded, then fermented in large oak puncheon for 30 days of skin contact. Drain and pressed, and aged in neutral oak-- but for the first time, we aged the 2018 vintage for 3 years in barrel! Marvelous complexity resulted.

We reserved 32 liters of this wine and aged it for an eventual large format bottling for an additional two years in glass. We are releasing a single 3 liter bottle, 6 2.25 liter bottles and 6 1.5 liter magnums.

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