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2014 pergamos

one full case!

one full case!

2014 pergamos one full case! - scholium project
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A superb and strange deep, dark, sharply etched red wine; made from a cofermentation of hillside Merlot and Sangiovese.
The fruit in 2014 was exceptional in every way but plenitude. The berries were tiny and explosively intense. They were high in acid and very tannic. And when we brought the fruit in, we found that we had more stems by weight than berries. This did not slow us down at all: we were determined to preserve and present the nature of the vineyard in this vintage, and so we fermented everything together and without destemming, as we always had done. 

The result is a wine that bears more resemblance to black tea than to any fruit beverage. The wine is highly tannic but not in a blocky way-- in a way reminiscent of grand neo-classical architecture. A Viennese palace among wines.