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2014 gardens of babylon

one full case!

one full case!

2014 gardens of babylon one full case! - scholium project
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I wince: I feel so tiresome and disingenuous when I think ahead to the words that I must say. But this is FAR AND AWAY the best vintage of Gardens ever. It is so good that the wine has always had another name in the cellar, and we thought long and hard about whether to call it sometihng else-- just to distinguish it for its excellence! But we opted in the end for simplicity and consistency, and thus, Gardens!

It is a pure cofermentation of Petite Sirah and Cabernet farmed by Steve Tenbrink, and Syrah farmed by Lee Hudson. No post-fermentation blending. The wine is about 40% each PS and Cab, and 20% Syrah. And because of the cofermentation, it has been together its whole life. And the fruit could not have been better in 2014: so deep and complex. The wine reminds us of the Northern Rhone. We are happy and proud.