2016 FTPZ

kirschemann ranch

kirschemann ranch

2016 FTPZ kirschemann ranch - the scholium project
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 100% Zinfandel from 100 year-old own-rooted vines

               We have had the honor to work with Tegan Passalacqua's centennial Kirschenmann vineyard since 2011, but this vintage of red wine from the vineyard is the first in which we have succeeded in expressing the special excellence of the site. For the first time, we have caught the very distinctive fruit character of Zinfandel, without making a wine that is fruity, or in any way recalls the super-ripe and rich Zinfandels that became ubiquitous in another era. This wine is light but fresh and pungent; like the 1MN, it is made with the Courier protocol of a floating cap. The vineyard ripens slowly but with great freshness and high acid; we have caught both of these characteristics without any of the distracting artifacts  of fermentation. Super wine, so characteristic of its origin.

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  • Appellation california