2015 spear-din

lost slough vineyard

lost slough vineyard

2015 spear-din lost slough vineyard - the scholium project
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100% Verdelho, from Lost Slough in the Delta.  Made from juice only.

This is a very special wine. We harvested a lot of Verdelho in 2015 from Lost Slough. And then the next year, we lost the vineyard to a behemoth. We do not know when we will get back in. We harvested some of the fruit about 5 days earlier than usual for Blowout, earlier for more lightness and higher acidity.  We harvested the rest at full ripeness but not high sugar and made Naucratis in the normal way-- fermented and aged in a single stainless steel tank. At bottling, we knew that the wine was so good that we segregated a barrel from the tank and let it age for another 17 months. We tasted the wine at the beginning of August and found that it showed everything that is excellent (and truly unexpected) in our wines from Lost Slough: the wine is powerful, dense, and serious. It has good acidity and pronounced minerality. It tastes just as it should-- like an older bottle of Naucratis, but with complete freshness and only increased seriousness, not decrepitude. Since the Tour of the Northern Lands, I have been thinking about Beowulf a lot; this wine is named for the Anglo-Saxon kenning for “battle.”

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