The four new wines of our Summer Release

1 bottle each of the 4 wines

1 bottle each of the 4 wines

The four new wines of our Summer Release 1 bottle each of the 4 wines - LOS ANGELES RIVER WINE COMPANY
$180.00 each
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This selection consists of 4 bottles total: 

1 each of the following four wines, the first Northern California wines that we have made since the onset of the pandemic. The first three were made by me and my team in Los Angeles, at the end of the 20121 harvest, after we had made our desert wines; the last is a collaboration between me and Lisa Tenbrink, who now runs the Tenbrink winery in Suisun Valley, where we made twelve vintages of Scholium wines:

  1. 2021 Guman Vineyard The Sylphs: a very delicate Chardonnay from old vines in the heart of Napa
  2. 2021 Phelan Farm Les Coteaux: a cofermentation of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from Raj Parr's isolated, cold-climate vineyard in Cambria
  3. 2021 Stolo Vineyards Hillside Nebbia: a light but very intense Syrah, also from Cambria
  4. 2019 Tenbrink Vineyards The House of Asterion: a very dark, visceral, wine; nearly like an Amarone. It represents a kind of shocking bridge between our Northern and Southern California work: the blend contains about 5% very sharp red wine from the Pirate vineyard in the Cucmamonga valley, ripped up in 2021.

Each of these wines has a retail value of $50, so this selection comes at 10% discount.

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