The Los Angeles Wines of 2020: the second release

12 bottles, sold as futures to fund harvest

12 bottles, sold as futures to fund harvest

The Los Angeles Wines of 2020: the second release 12 bottles, sold as futures to fund harvest - the scholium project
$500.00 each
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We made seven wines from Southern California vineyards in our first vintage in Los Angeles. These wines will appeared under a new label: the Los Angeles River Wine Company.
The wines are really good-- it is totally fair to say that they are amazing. There was so much excitement for them that our small production sold out in a week-- even during the first terrifying days of the lock-down in NY and LA.
We are going to make much more this year-- but still a very small amount. A total of 1500 cases of 11 wines from 9 heritage vineyards.
We are offering these wines now, in a single package of 12 bottles, as futures, to fund this year's harvest. Think of it like a long-term tock reservation for a dinner at a very special restaurant like Vespertine or Alinea.
You have to trust us to make this year's wine-- but we have a pretty good record. And we got last year's wines into bottle in the first days of the lock-down, without a pump, and only the labor of friends at 6 feet from each other.

We are offering the wines at a 20% discount and with free shipping. We will bottle them in March of 2021 and begin shipping them-- and hand delivering them-- to you immediately.
package, to reflect and represent the whole of our work this year. Each of these wines is a first for us-- we have never worked with any of the vineyards, and did not even know that most of them existed a year ago. Each bottling represents the partial resolution of a mystery-- we now know at least one kind of wine we can make from each vineyard, and how good it can be-- but we have no idea of the future of each wine.
That future begins now.

I am limiting this offer to 100 packages.

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