2022 Los Angeles River Wine Company Galleano Home Misturado

Galleano Ranch

Galleano Ranch

2022 Los Angeles River Wine Company Galleano Home Misturado Galleano Ranch - LOS ANGELES RIVER WINE COMPANY
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We made a truly tiny amount of this wine. We could not help making it, no matter how minuscule the quantity. This is a remarkable wine, made from old vines planted at the Galleano home ranch for the production of California Port.

The vineyard dates from about 1912. There is a large section planted to MIssion and mixed whites, including Muscat and Palomino-- for Sherry. The rest of the vineyard is mostly Alicante Bousquet, for the Port. It also has a planting of about 100 Salvador vines, a very rare and obscure hybrid vinifera grape, bred in Texas in the late 1900s specifically for California port. It is inky black, but holds acidity as it ripens, even in warm weather. It is also very tannic-- at least the old vines in this tough vineyard are. The wine from Salvador has a wonderful aroma that is very savory and even somewhat feral, all while being clean and precise.

We have harvested the Salvador since Domenic first offered it to us in 2019. This year, in the third year of particularly intense drought, there was only a few hundred pounds of fruit. We harvested all of it, and, on the same day, continued into the adjacent Palomino vines, much more bountiful. We harvested an equal amount of this fruit, brought it all back the winery, treaded it together and then pressed it immediately.

For this reason, even though the wine is darkly colored, in a certain sense, it is a Blanc de Noir-- fermented only from juice, no skins A  white wine. Raj, following a tradition all over the Iberian peninsula, and on its adjacent Atlantic islands, call it Misturado.

The result is a very powerful wine; dark purple in color and witchy in aroma. There is truly nothing like it.

5 cases.

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